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Axio 360: A Parent’s Review For Youth Pitching

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In the competitive world of youth baseball, a pressing concern is taking the field: the alarming rise of arm injuries. The quest for excellence can lead to overuse injuries with lifelong consequences. As parents, coaches, and athletes search for ways to protect those promising youth arms, the market is flooded with various tools and devices. But which ones really work? Enter the Axio 360.

This product promises not only to strengthen but also to safeguard the young arms of our aspiring baseball stars. It’s a claim worth investigating, and that’s exactly what we’ll be doing here. In this blog post, I’ll provide an honest, in-depth review of this intriguing baseball throwing trainer from Axio Centripetal Training.

We’ll explore its features and assess if it’s a vital tool for baseball strengthening and injury prevention. Is the Axio 360 just another flashy gadget, or could it be a game-changer in ensuring a healthy and successful baseball journey for your young athlete?

Join me as we take a look at this product, aiming to help you make an informed purchase decision.

The Problem: Arm Injuries in Youth Baseball

It’s a tough pill to swallow, but the statistics don’t lie. Young athletes, especially baseball players, are experiencing a growing trend of arm injuries. We’re not talking about a week or two on the bench. Many of these injuries can sideline a player for an entire season or, worse, push them out of the sport entirely.

It’s heartbreaking to watch a promising young talent benched due to injury. And for parents and coaches, the question looms large: How did this happen? A major culprit is repetitive stress on a growing body. When a young player repeatedly throws the ball without adequate rest or proper technique, the strain accumulates. Over time, this strain can lead to significant harm, compromising the player’s future in the sport and potentially leading to chronic issues that persist into adulthood.

A recent four-year study showed a significant yearly increase in Tommy John surgeries among youth athletes.

American Journal of Sports Medicine

The world of baseball has seen its fair share of tools and methods aimed at combating this issue. However, many of these solutions have offered only low-level resistance, which doesn’t provide much in the way of strengthening benefits. Moreover, many tools in the market don’t focus enough on neuromuscular control development – which is crucial for dynamic movements in sports.

What Is The Axio 360?

The Axio 360 is a product that enhances stability, endurance, and control in younger athletes and those in early rehabilitation. Weighing 2 pounds, it offers 360-degree variable resistance to strengthen core, back, and shoulders.

The AXIO360 helps improve balance and coordination, both vital for baseball players. It’s not just about building muscles; it’s about training the body to react, adjust, and exert control in all directions. The AXIO baseball product is a versatile tool for training, warming up, or recovering, suiting the needs of developing athletes.

How the Axio 360 can help

This training tool doesn’t just offer a band-aid solution. It aims to address the root causes of these arm overuse injuries. By providing significantly higher levels of resistance and neuromuscular control development, it’s better equipped than traditional tools and manual methods. Its complete rotator cuff strengthening, dynamic core stability, and ability to improve balance and athleticism set it apart.

Moreover, the Axio 360 aids in faster recovery by enhancing circulation, reducing pain, and alleviating joint compression. It’s more than just a tool; it’s an innovative approach to training and rehabilitation, especially for youth baseball pitchers.

Axio 360 Review (Youth Baseball Pitcher Perspective)

When my 11-year-old began travel ball and started pitching for two separate teams at the same time, I was filled with a mix of excitement and apprehension. The rising statistics of arm injuries in youth baseball were constantly on my mind. How could I support his passion while protecting his arm?

The First Encounter

I first stumbled across the Axio 360 in a youth baseball Facebook group. The buzz surrounding this intriguing tool definitely caught my attention, and the promises it made were equally compelling. As someone who had been keeping an eye on various pitching training tools for my son, the Axio 360 stood out, not just for its innovative approach but also for its competitive price point. When comparing it to other tools on the market, the value seemed hard to beat.

The Decision to Try It Out

After some research and contemplation, I decided that the Axio baseball product was worth a shot. It promised not just strengthening but a complete package that included dynamic core stability, improved balance, and faster muscle activation. The testimonies of other parents and coaches added to my conviction and the fact that it was being used by my hometown Boston Red Sox didn’t hurt either. So, I took the plunge, excited to see if this could be the game-changer for my son’s baseball journey.

Initial Impressions

Upon introducing the Axio 360 to my son, he immediately commented on how cool it looked and how solid it felt. You could tell right away that it wasn’t some cheap toy or gimmick. It is solidly built and should last for a really long time. The fact that it was lightweight and portable was also a bonus, making it an easy addition to his daily routine.

I’m not going to lie, it took some time for both my son and I to get used to it. I couldn’t get the ball moving for more than 5 seconds at a time. However, even during those five seconds, we both felt it in our core and shoulders.

axio 360

Over the first few weeks, my son’s initial curiosity turned into genuine enthusiasm. Now we play games to see who can keep it going the longest. If it was giving me a rigorous workout at the five-second mark, imagine what it is doing at the 30-second mark. We are still trying to perfect the baseball strengthening exercises but I’m sure it will come with time and practice.

A few months in, the Axio 360 continues to be a critical part of my son’s training. He’s not just playing; he’s thriving. He’s been raving about how strong his shoulders felt and he’s looking forward to seeing how that translates on the mound next season after more use. Overall, we’ve been thrilled with the Axio 360 so far and plan to move up a level when he gets a little stronger.

Recovery and Healing

What I didn’t expect was the Axio 360’s effect on his recovery. After a long practice or a strenuous game, the Axio 360 seemed to speed up his circulation and healing, minimizing soreness and pain. This meant he was always ready for the next practice or game.

Lightness and Portability: A Bonus

The lightweight and portable nature of the Axio 360 was a big win for us. Whether he was going to practice or on a family vacation, the Axio 360 was always with him. It fits easily in his baseball bag so that’s where it lives. He even shared it with his teammates, some of whom have now become fans of the product themselves.

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Why Axio 360 Is a Game-Changer for Baseball Players

In baseball, precision in throwing is key; the right training tools like Axio 360 can be game-changers. The Axio 360, designed specifically with baseball players in mind, stands out with its unique combination of features. Here’s a closer look:

Axio 360 Features and Benefits:

  • Complete Rotator Cuff Strengthening: The Axio 360 targets muscles essential for baseball, aiding in a noticeable improvement in arm strength.
  • Dynamic Core Stability: It’s not just about the arm; the Axio 360 also enhances balance and athleticism, contributing to more fluid and controlled movements on the field.
  • Maximizes Feel, Timing, and Rhythm: These elements are essential for a pitcher. The Axio 360 helps fine-tune these aspects for better control and performance.
  • Faster Muscle Activation and Recovery: Whether it’s getting ready for the game or recovering afterward, the Axio 360 speeds up the process, keeping you game-ready.
  • Lightweight and Portable: Whether you’re training at home or on the road, the Axio 360’s design ensures that it’s never a burden to carry.
  • Affordable Price Point: With a price that compares favorably to other tools on the market, the Axio 360 offers great value without compromising on quality.

Axio 360 Pricing Breakdown

When it comes to training tools for youth baseball, affordability matters. Luckily, the Axio 360 series provides options that cater to different levels of skill and need without breaking the bank. Here’s a quick breakdown of the various products and their respective pricing:

  • Axio 360 Lite – $119.95: Specifically designed for youth and rehab, this is an excellent entry point for younger athletes or those working on recovery.
  • Axio 360 – $119.95: As the introductory device, this one offers an optimal balance for those beginning their training journey with the Axio 360 series.
  • Axio 720 – $129.95: Aimed at more advanced or experienced users, this model adds further complexity for those looking to step up their game.
  • Axio 1080 – $139.95: For the experts and those seeking the highest level of challenge, the Axio 1080 brings the best Axio has to offer.

Ted Bezemer’s Story and the Invention of Axio Centripetal Training

This device isn’t just another tool; it stems from a personal struggle with injury and the drive to create a better solution.

Ted Bezemer, an orthopedic Physical Therapist, suffered a severe shoulder injury. Instead of surgery, he sought a better solution. This pursuit led to Axio Centripetal Training. By combining gravitational and angular resistance, Ted’s invention challenges both strength and control, transcending traditional methods.

Axio 360 For Baseball – Final Thoughts

The Axio 360 is more than just a throwing trainer; it’s a solid training tool designed to meet the many needs of baseball players. From strengthening the rotator cuff to improving balance and recovery, it offers a holistic approach to training that’s practical. With its affordable price point and tailored focus on baseball-specific needs, it’s evident why it’s becoming a favored tool among players and coaches.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the ideal AXIO model for beginners?

For those new to AXIO, the green single-mass AXIO360 is an excellent choice. It offers control while still delivering significant resistance. Its versatility makes it useful for a variety of applications including warmups, training, and recovery.

Is AXIO suitable for non-athletes, even though professionals use it?

AXIO is suited for both athletes and those seeking general fitness, catering to users from 8 to 80+ years old who want to improve balance and coordination.

Which AXIO model is recommended for someone with a shoulder injury?

Consult a healthcare provider for shoulder injuries; if cleared, the green single-mass AXIO360 is often recommended for various recovery stages.

Why is controlling the AXIO challenging at first?

Controlling AXIO initially requires developing timing, akin to learning to jump rope, and can be improved by starting slowly and gradually increasing speed.

Does it matter in which direction I rotate the AXIO?

The direction of rotation does matter with AXIO, as it will engage different muscle patterns. It’s advisable to become proficient in both directions to maximize training benefits and ensure a balanced workout.

How does AXIO 360 specifically benefit youth baseball players?

The AXIO 360 benefits young baseball players by enhancing rotator cuff strength, core stability, and balance, while also speeding up muscle activation and reducing injury risk. Its portability adds convenience for regular use.

Chris F.

Chris F.

Chris Forbes is the founder and editor of, a leading blog in the youth baseball space. As a lifelong baseball player, coach and fan, he decided to team up with his young son to offer advice and share their experiences with the sport they both love. Chris lives in the Boston area with his wife and three children.

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