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As a parent of two youth baseball players, I’m always on the lookout for the best gear to help them excel on the field. And when it comes to baseball bats, there’s no better source for information than The Baseball Bat Bros. With nearly 500,000 subscribers on YouTube, the Bat Bros are becoming the go-to source for honest reviews of youth baseball bats. But who are these guys, and how did they become such a phenomenon?

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the Baseball Bat Bros and their impact on the world of youth baseball bats.

Who Are The Baseball Bat Bros?

What up, What up. The Bat Bros are a group of friends/brothers who love baseball and wanted to find the best possible bats to use on the field. Led by Will Taylor, the group started posting videos on YouTube of themselves testing out different bats and offering their thoughts on performance. Their content quickly caught on, and they now have hundreds of thousands of followers eager to hear their opinions. So who is the Baseball Bat Bros guy?

Will Taylor

Will Taylor, the founder, and leader of The Baseball Bat Bros is the embodiment of expression on the baseball field. He’s known for pimping his mammoth home runs and offering insightful analysis of bat performance. Will attended Beaverton High School in Oregon, where he mainly played catcher and third base. Despite college interest from the University of Oregon and Wichita State, Will ultimately committed to the University of Utah. While at Utah, he struggled to get consistent playing time, but his love for the game never wavered.

Cameron Clayton and JT Taylor

Cameron Clayton, also known as Cam, is another member of the Bat Bros. Cam attended Lakeridge High School in Oregon. He was the fourth-ranked player in the state of Oregon in his graduating class of 2021. He’s currently playing shortstop at the University of Washington. And then there’s John Taylor, or JT, who also attended Lakeridge High School in Oregon and played infield. JT was the 21st-ranked player in the state in the class of 2021. He went on to play two years of JUCO ball before transferring to the University of Louisiana.

Baseball Bat Bros YouTube Content

When it comes to picking a bat, the process can be a bit intimidating. Every year, there are so many new baseball bats hitting the market and they’ve all got new technology and features. With prices reaching up to $500, it’s important to have trustworthy and unbiased reviews when you are researching different options.

In January 2019, the Bat Bros began posting videos to help separate the hype from the real deal. They’ve put in the time to test out almost every bat on the market and created a bat-rating system to help us figure out which one is worth the investment. Trust me, their YouTube channel is a gold mine of information that can help anyone find the perfect bat.

One of the things that make The Baseball Bat Bros unique is their commitment to delivering high-quality content that is both entertaining and informative. Their personalities shine through in every video, making it clear that they truly love what they do. They also take the time to interact with their audience, answering questions and offering advice to aspiring athletes.

The channel’s impact on the baseball community is significant. Their videos inspire and motivate young players, while also offering practical advice and recommendations for parents and coaches.

Their reviews are so influential that companies often send them free bats before they’re even available for public sale. And they’ve had some impressive guest appearances on their channel. Top high school prospects, college players, minor leaguers, and even top MLB draft picks like Adley Rutschman and Druw Jones.

Looking to the future, The Baseball Bros have big plans for their channel. They’re committed to continuing to deliver great content. However, they’re also exploring new directions, such as expanding into live events and collaborating with even more players and coaches.

Baseball Bat Bros Scale

The Bat Bros bat scale is a rating system used for reviewing baseball bats. The scale measures several key factors that determine a bat’s overall performance, including swing weight, sweet spot, and power. Durability is also taken into consideration when Will is coming up with a score.

The Bat Bros judge each bat based on its performance in live hitting sessions and provide honest and detailed reviews for their audience. They often provide recommendations for specific types of players and hitting styles.

Criteria each bat is judged on:

  • Price
  • Type – Versatile/Contact/Power
  • Bat Build – 1-pc Alloy, 2-PC Hybrid
  • Sweet spot – Ranging from small/poor on mis-hits to huge/great on mis-hits
  • Power – Ranging from base hits/gap hitting to dingers/max distance
  • Swing weight – Ranging from heavy/less barrel control to light/more barrel control

The Baseball Bat Bros Rankings – Top 5 BBCOR Bat Rankings

Baseball Bat Bros Awards 2023

The Baseball Bat Bros’ 2023 Awards Video is a highly anticipated annual event for their dedicated YouTube subscribers. In this video, they reflect on the previous year’s bat reviews and highlight the top performers in various categories. These categories include the best overall bat brand, best BBCOR bat, best youth bat, and more. The channel puts out so much content during the year so unless you’ve seen every video and taken notes, the awards show is a nice way to summarize everything for the audience.

2023 Bat Bros Awards Results:
  • Best Baseball Bat Brand: Marucci
  • Best BBCOR: Louisville Slugger Atlas
  • Best Youth Bat: Marucci CatX Composite USSSA
  • Best-Looking Baseball Bat: 2023 Warstic Bonesaber
  • Ugliest Baseball Bat: Louisville Slugger Atlas
  • Sleeper Brand Of The Year: Stringking
  • Most Disappointing Baseball Bat: DeMarini Voodoo One
YouTube – The Baseball Bat Bros

Should You Trust The Baseball Bat Bros Reviews?

While the Bat Bros are highly regarded for their knowledge of baseball bats and their entertaining content, there are some potential downsides to relying solely on their bat recommendations.

First, the Bat Bros may not have tried every bat on the market. They test and review a wide variety of bats effectively, but they might not have covered some bats yet. It’s important to do your own research and consider multiple sources when making a decision on which bat to purchase.

Second, as much as I love the Bat Bros, I do worry that they’ll eventually become biased due to corporate sponsors. It would be a shame if they took on a huge sponsor like Marucci or Louisville Slugger and let those relationships influence their content. People are looking for unbiased reviews so that they can make the best decisions for their kids.

Thirdly, the Bat Bros’ opinions on bats are subjective. While they do provide an honest evaluation of each bat they review, their personal preferences and biases may influence their rankings and recommendations. What works well for one player may not work well for another, so it’s important to take their opinions with a grain of salt and consider your own needs and preferences.

Lastly, the Bat Bros may have different skill levels and playing styles than you or your kid. They primarily test bats in a controlled environment, and their experience and skill level may not reflect that of the average youth baseball player. It’s important to consider your child’s skill level, league regulations, and playing style when choosing a bat, as well as seeking advice from coaches or other players.


That being said, The Baseball Bat Bros has been an overwhelmingly positive force in the game of baseball. They’re part of a growing movement on social media that’s trying to make the game more exciting and engaging for younger generations.

As we know, MLB is looking to institute new rules to make the game more exciting and create more fan interest. As a traditionalist, I’m not thrilled about the changes, but I do see the value in creating more excitement for younger fans. And personalities like Will from Baseball Bat Bros can certainly help with that.

Kids are quitting baseball at a young age for a variety of reasons, but I believe that we can create more excitement and grow the game one dinger at a time. And with the help of the Bat Bros, I’m confident that we can do just that.

Chris F.

Chris F.

Chris Forbes is the founder and editor of, a leading blog in the youth baseball space. As a lifelong baseball player, coach and fan, he decided to team up with his young son to offer advice and share their experiences with the sport they both love. Chris lives in the Boston area with his wife and three children.

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