best baseball gloves for 8 year olds

Best Baseball Gloves For 8 Year Olds: (Our Top 6)

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best baseball gloves for 8 year olds

Struggling to find the best baseball gloves for 8 year olds? You’re not alone. Many parents and coaches grapple with this challenge. Your little player needs a glove that’s the right size, comfortable, and designed to enhance their skill development. The wrong glove can make playing difficult and even turn them off the game.

Here’s the problem – there are so many choices out there. Differing sizes, materials, and designs can make this simple task feel daunting. Is it supposed to be this hard to find a glove that ticks all the boxes of flexibility, comfort, and durability?

Don’t worry. We’ve gone through dozens of options and have identified the best baseball gloves for 8-year-olds. This guide will help make the selection process a breeze and ensure your child has a glove that makes them feel like a pro.

Best Baseball Gloves For 8 Year Olds

We have handpicked the top six baseball gloves designed specifically for 8-year-olds. These gloves combine quality, comfort, and affordability, offering the best on-field experience for your child.

1. Wilson A500 Youth Baseball Glove

Our Pick
WILSON A500 Baseball Glove
  • Youth-specific fit for small hands
  • Top grain leather for lightweight durability
  • Quick-fit wrist
  • May require some break-in time
  • Limited color options
  • Not suitable for adult players
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04/26/2024 01:10 am GMT

The WILSON 2023 A500 is one of, if not the best youth baseball glove on the market. It’s an excellent choice for young players because it is specifically designed with their needs in mind. Its top-grain leather construction ensures a lightweight feel without sacrificing durability, making it ideal for young athletes who need a reliable glove for their growing skills and performance.

One of the standout features of this glove is its youth-specific fit. With its shorter, narrow finger stalls, it easily accommodates smaller hands, ensuring a comfortable and secure fit. Moreover, the quick-fit wrist elastic system allows the glove to adjust to hug the wrist, providing added support and stability during games and practices.

However, it’s worth noting that this glove may require some break-in time before reaching its full potential on the field. This is common for most leather gloves, but it’s important to be patient and give it time to mold to the player’s hand for optimal performance. Additionally, the glove only comes in a blonde/red/white color scheme, which may not appeal to everyone’s personal preferences.

2. Rawlings Prodigy Youth Baseball Glove Series

Easiest To Break In
Rawlings Prodigy Series Baseball Glove
  • Ideal for infielders and pitchers
  • Soft, all-leather shell construction
  • Quick and easy break-in period
  • Might be too small for some players
  • Not suitable for advanced players
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04/26/2024 02:54 am GMT

The Rawlings Prodigy Baseball Glove Series is designed specifically for young athletes who are transitioning to a pro-style model. With a Youth Pro Taper Fit, this glove caters to the needs of growing hands, ensuring a comfortable and secure fit. Its soft, all-leather shell construction not only ensures durability but also provides added shock reduction, keeping their hands safe during play.

One of the standout features of this glove is the Sure Catch Technology, which allows for quick and easy closure as soon as the player puts it on. This feature ensures a smooth adjustment for beginners looking to improve their game. Furthermore, the glove comes with a 90% factory break-in and is game-ready right out of the box, minimizing the need for an extensive break-in period.

The main downside of this glove is its limited size and orientation options. With only a right-hand throw orientation available, some players might find it unsuitable for their needs. Additionally, even though the glove targets youth players, some might outgrow it quicker than anticipated.

3. Wilson 2022 A450 Youth Baseball Glove

Best For Smaller Hands
WILSON A450 11in Baseball Glove
  • Lightweight top grain leather
  • Ready to play without break-in time
  • Quick Fit elastic wrist for secure fit
  • May be a little small for some 8-year-olds
  • May not be as durable as other gloves
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The Wilson A450 Youth Baseball Glove, specifically designed for young players, uses top-grain leather for a lightweight feel and eliminates the need for a long break-in time. This allows your 8-year-old to get on the field and start playing right away. The glove’s Quick Fit elastic wrist ensures a secure fit for small hands, allowing better control on the field.

However, the A450 is marketed for players aged 7 and under, so it may be small for some 8-year-olds. It’s essential to consider your child’s hand size before purchasing, and if they have larger hands, you may want to explore other options. Additionally, the quality of the leather may not be as durable as other gloves on the market, which could lead to more frequent replacements.

4. Rawlings Playmaker Camo Kids Baseball Glove

Best For Hand Protection
Rawlings Playmaker Camo Kids Baseball Glove
  • Durable full-grain leather construction
  • Cushioned palm and index finger pads
  • Adjustable Velcro straps for a customized fit
  • May require some breaking in
  • Strap may feel tighter on the back of the hand
  • Slightly smaller compared to other brands
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04/26/2024 03:50 am GMT

The Rawlings Playmaker Camo Kids Baseball Glove is a great option for young players aged 5 to 8 years old. Crafted with full-grain leather, this glove provides long-lasting durability while ensuring a comfortable fit. Rawlings’ Basket Web design creates a strong, flexible pocket for easy catch control, allowing the player to improve their reaction time and make big plays.

One aspect that sets this glove apart is its special edition hunting camo pattern design, which is sure to turn heads on the field. Additionally, the glove is available in both left-handed and right-handed throw options, so young athletes can choose the right fit for them.

While this baseball glove does come with a Pro-I webbing that helps secure catches and an easy-to-close pocket, it may require some breaking in before it becomes more comfortable to use. The strap at the back of the hand might feel tighter initially, but with more use, it should loosen up.

5. Mizuno MVP Prime Baseball Glove Series

Best High End Option
Mizuno MVP Prime Infield Baseball Glove
  • High-quality Bio Soft Leather
  • Professional Level Lace for durability
  • Requires some break-in time
  • Slightly higher cost compared to other gloves
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04/26/2024 03:10 am GMT

The Mizuno MVP Prime Baseball Glove Series is crafted using Bio Soft Leather, which provides a professional feel and exceptional control for young players. This leather is designed to offer the perfect balance of oil and softness, making it comfortable and easy to control on the field.

Featuring Professional Level Lace, this glove is made with the same durable lace offered in Mizuno’s professional-level gloves. This ensures your child’s glove will last through multiple seasons and withstand the wear and tear of regular use.

On the downside, as a high-quality glove, it does require some breaking in before it becomes comfortable and easy to use. The cost may also be somewhat higher compared to other youth baseball gloves on the market.

6. Rawlings Sure Catch Youth Baseball Glove

Best Entry Level Option
Rawlings Boys Baseball Glove
  • Soft leather shell for durability
  • Great pocket shape retention
  • Cushioned finger linings and youth pro taper fit for added comfort
  • Sure-Catch technology for easy close
  • Quick break-in
  • Limited color options
  • More of an entry level glove
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The Rawlings Sure Catch Baseball Glove is designed for 8-year-olds with its 10-inch youth model size. This glove offers a great balance between durability and comfort, thanks to its soft, all-leather shell construction. It will maintain its shape and function well as your child grows and their skills develop further.

One of the standout features of this glove is the Sure-Catch technology, which allows young players to close the glove quickly and easily as soon as they wear it for the first time. This feature ensures that they can start using the glove immediately without worrying about complicated break-in procedures.

However, keep in mind that despite boasting a 90% factory break-in, some players may still find this glove a bit stiff and require additional break-in time. Additionally, this glove is mainly designed for right-handed players, so left-handed players might need to look for a different option. The color options are also limited to black and grey.

Buying Guide

When it comes to choosing the best baseball glove for an 8-year-old, there are a few key factors to consider. In this guide, we’ll discuss the important features to look for, so that you can confidently make the right choice for your young athlete.

Baseball Glove Size Chart For 8 Year Olds

First and foremost, it’s important to find the right size glove for an 8-year-old. Typically, the appropriate glove size for this age group ranges from 10 to 11 inches. To measure your child’s hand size, measure from the base of the palm to the tip of the middle finger. This measurement, in inches, will provide a good starting point when selecting a glove size. Remember, a well-fitting glove will allow your child to comfortably catch and control the ball, while also providing support and protection.

YOUTH7-12FIRST BASE11.5″ – 12″
YOUTH7-12INFIELD10.25″ – 11.5″
YOUTH7-12OUTFIELD11.5″ – 12.25″


Baseball gloves can be made from various materials, including leather, synthetic materials, or a combination of both. Leather gloves have a reputation for their durability and the unique way they mold to a player’s hand, although they tend to be more expensive. Synthetic gloves are lighter, easier to break in, and more affordable, making them a good choice for children.

  • Leather: Offers the best overall performance and feel. It may require a longer break-in period, but it will ultimately mold to your child’s hand and provide a comfortable, custom fit.
  • Synthetic: These gloves are lighter and more affordable than leather options. They usually require less break-in time but may not be as durable in the long run.

Position Specificity

It’s important to consider the position your child plays when selecting a glove. Different positions require different glove designs:

  • Infielder Gloves: Smaller, with shallow pockets to enable quick ball transfers.
  • Outfielder Gloves: Larger, with deeper pockets to help catch fly balls and provide more range.

I realize that 8 year olds aren’t specializing in specific positions at this point so just choose the glove that will be the most comfortable for them.


Comfort is key in a baseball glove. Look for gloves with soft inner linings and sufficient padding. Also, make sure that the glove is flexible enough for your child to open and close easily.


A durable glove will last several seasons. This is important, especially if your 8-year-old is serious about baseball and practices often. Leather gloves are generally more durable than synthetic ones.


While functionality should be the main concern, we cannot overlook the importance of the design. A visually appealing glove, perhaps in your child’s favorite color or featuring their favorite baseball team’s logo, can enhance their enjoyment of the game.


While higher prices often correlate with better quality, there are still plenty of affordable options that don’t sacrifice on performance. Consider your budget but remember that investing in a good-quality glove can pay off in the long run.

Frequently Asked Questions

What size glove should an 8-year-old use?

For 8-year-olds, we recommend using a glove size between 10.5 and 11 inches. This size range provides the right balance between control and catching area for children at this age. However, it’s important to consider your child’s hand size and comfort as well.

How do I select the right baseball glove for my child?

Start by measuring your child’s hand and matching it to the recommended glove size. Next, consider the position they will primarily be playing, as infielders may prefer smaller gloves for quicker transfers, while outfielders might want a larger glove for more reach. Lastly, prioritize comfort and fit since a well-fitted glove will help improve performance and confidence on the field.

Which brands offer the best baseball gloves for 8-year-olds?

Some popular brands for quality youth baseball gloves include Rawlings, Wilson, Mizuno, Franklin, and Easton. It’s a good idea to try gloves from various brands to see which one fits your child’s hand shape and preferences best. Reading reviews and asking for recommendations from coaches or other parents can also help.

Leather and synthetic materials are common choices for baseball gloves. While leather can provide better durability and a more custom fit over time, synthetic materials are typically lighter and easier to break-in, making them ideal for younger players just starting on the field.

Are there any specific features to look for in a glove for an 8-year-old?

For younger players, look for gloves that have adjustable wrist straps for a secure and customizable fit. Additionally, consider gloves with a larger pocket and a deeper web, as this can help make catching the ball easier. Padding and palm liners can add extra comfort to the glove.

How can I help my 8-year-old break in their new baseball glove?

To help your child break in their new glove, they should use it frequently. Bring it to practice and just play lots of catch with them. Additionally, applying a glove conditioner and using a glove mallet can also speed up the process. Remember to avoid submerging the glove in water or overheating it, as this can damage the glove.

Final Thoughts – Best Baseball Gloves For 8 Year Olds

Selecting the ideal baseball glove for an 8-year-old involves considering multiple factors such as size, material, comfort, durability, design, and price. The right glove not only enhances performance but also boosts a child’s enjoyment of the game. We hope this guide simplifies the selection process and helps you find a glove that will be a reliable tool for your young player’s baseball journey.

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Chris F.

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