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Baseball Scorebook Showdown: Our Top 8 Picks

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Today, we’re taking a deeper look into the world of baseball scorebooks. We’ve examined a range of options and compiled a list of the top 7. These are scorebooks that stand out in terms of usability, design, and overall quality.

Now, I know what you’re thinking: “Why would I keep a baseball scorebook when I’ve got instant score updates on my phone?” Well, let’s just say there’s a certain nostalgic charm in keeping score the good old-fashioned way. Plus, wouldn’t you like a keepsake that tells a story more personal than any app update can deliver?

But we’re not stopping there. For those new to the practice or anyone needing a refresher, we’re also providing a straightforward guide on how to score a game manually.

Best Baseball Scorebooks

We have compiled a list of the top baseball scorebooks available on Amazon. Each product has been carefully selected based on its features, durability, and also customer reviews. Browse through our recommendations to find the perfect scorebook for your needs.

1. Murray Sporting Goods Baseball Scorebook

Our Pick
Murray Sporting Goods Little League Baseball Scorebook
  • 35 games for season tracking
  • Side-by-side layout for easy home and away
  • Durable, spiral-bound construction
  • Smaller size may be difficult to use
  • No clear storage space for a pencil
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04/26/2024 04:05 am GMT

This Murray Sporting Goods Baseball & Softball Scorebook is a great choice for anyone looking to track team stats over the course of a season.

The Murray Sporting Goods Baseball & Softball Scorebook is perfect for those wanting to track stats for their Adult, Youth, Little League, or Men’s and Women’s League Baseball or Softball teams. With the capacity to score 35 games, this scorebook allows you to log all batting, fielding, and pitching stats across 9 innings while keeping track of balls, strikes, outs, walks, box score, lineup management, and much more.

One standout feature of this scorebook is the side-by-side layout, which enables scorekeepers to track 16-player roster positions for both home and away team games without having to flip pages back and forth. This layout simplifies the entire scorekeeping process.

The spiral-bound, thick construction of the Murray Sporting Goods scorebook is built to last throughout the 35-game season. Plus, the scorekeeping instructions that come with the book are easy to follow, making it a user-friendly option for both new and experienced scorekeepers.

2. Score It Right Baseball Scorebook

Runner Up
Score It Right Baseball Scorebook – 30 Games
  • High-quality paper and easy-to-read layout
  • Tracks various stats, batting averages, and extra innings
  • Side-by-side design for easier scoring
  • Larger size may be cumbersome for some users
  • 16 player lineup spots may be unnecessary for some teams
  • Small diamonds for scoring
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04/26/2024 04:31 am GMT

The Score It Right Baseball Scorebook is another excellent choice for coaches and scorekeepers looking to track their team’s performance and stats over 30 games.

This scorebook is made with premium quality paper, and also features precise lines and sections, ensuring easy readability. One of the standout features of this scorebook is its advanced layout. You can track the score, batting averages, season totals, and extra innings.

With 16 lineup spots, you can easily monitor each player’s performance while having a dedicated space to track your team’s hitting and pitching stats during the game. The scorebook also includes eight extra inning tear-outs for added convenience in case a game goes into extra innings.

3. Rawlings Extra Large Deluxe Baseball Scorebook

3rd Place
Rawlings Extra Large Deluxe Baseball Scorebook
  • Large size, allowing for extra writing room
  • Holds 24 games
  • Versatile, easy-to-learn scoring system
  • May be too large for some or usage in dugouts
  • Possible excess unused space for certain users
  • Insufficient pages for those recording opponents' stats
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04/26/2024 04:54 am GMT

This Rawlings SYSTEM-17 Scorebook is worth considering for its extra-large size and easy-to-learn scoring system. This scorebook should be the choice for those who need lots of space to record their team’s scores and stats. Its extra-large 11″ x 14″ size provides more room for each batter and includes space for 9 innings, 17 players, and 2 substitutes per player.

Made for 24 games, the Rawlings Scorebook is built to last and is suitable for both baseball and softball. The spiral binding also ensures that the pages remain secure and can be easily turned during gameplay.

4. C.S. Peterson’s Scoremaster Baseball Scorebook

4th Place
C.S. PETERSON Official Baseball Scorebook
  • Comprehensive and easy to use
  • Complete summary of batting records and pitching performance
  • May not be practical for some users
  • Overly detailed for casual use or beginners
  • Limited to 12 innings per sheet
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This is the book I remember my coaches always using. It has to be the “OG” of baseball scorebooks. The fact that it’s still doing well after all these years should tell you something.

This scorebook offers an easy and organized way to keep track of individual players’ batting records and pitching performance during games. Its comprehensive design provides all the necessary details for both official scorers and casual fans.

5. CHAMPRO Baseball Scorebook

5th Place
Champro Baseball Scorebook
  • Manage stats and scoring for 26 games
  • Accommodates up to 18 players per team
  • Scoring instructions and line-up cards included
  • Limited to 26 games
  • Small writing spaces might be challenging for some
  • Does not offer space for additional game details
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04/26/2024 05:05 am GMT

The CHAMPRO Baseball Scorebook is a versatile and user-friendly choice for coaches and team scorekeepers. It has a well-designed layout for managing team and player statistics and its heavy-duty cardstock backing ensures that it will last for a season.

One of the strengths of this scorebook is its ability to accommodate up to 18 players per team, allowing for plenty of space to record substitutions and track player performance. This is especially useful for youth leagues and recreational teams with larger rosters.

Additionally, the scorebook includes scoring instructions and line-up cards, which can be helpful for newcomers learning how to keep score.

6. Franklin Sports Baseball Scorebook

6th Place
Franklin Sports Baseball Scorebook - 25 Games
  • 25 game scorebook with simple design
  • Easy-follow instructions for beginners
  • 16 person lineup and team roster sheet
  • No designated space for hit types
  • Extra innings may pose issues
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04/26/2024 05:22 am GMT

The Franklin Sports Baseball Scorebook is the perfect choice for those seeking a straightforward and easy-to-use book for tracking games and stats.

It features an uncomplicated design, making it perfect for both beginners and experienced scorekeepers. One of the advantages of this 25 games scorebook is the presence of easy-to-follow instructions, helping newcomers to baseball scoring get started quickly. The intuitive format of the score sheets simplifies the process, making it super simple to score games.

There’s a lineup section that accommodates up to 16 players, allowing you to manage not only the starting lineup but also the bench players and any extra hitters. Additionally, a team roster page is included for recording player information and crucial contact details.

7. Markwort Baseball Scorebook

7th Place
Markwort Baseball Scorebook - 23 Games
  • Records up to 23 games
  • Captures seasonal data, batting, and fielding results
  • Accommodates 15 players
  • 11 innings per page
  • Print may be small for some users
  • Slightly different format from other brands
  • Might not be the best choice for complete beginners
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04/26/2024 07:24 am GMT

The Markwort Baseball & Softball Scorebook allows you to keep track of games and player statistics easily, with enough room to record up to 23 games per book. This scorebook is designed to provide information on seasonal data, as well as individual batting and fielding results. With space for up to 15 players and 11 innings on each page, this scorebook is versatile and comprehensive.

8. Covey Baseball Scorebook

8th Place
Covey Baseball Scorebook - 50 Games
  • Side-by-side format for scoring both teams
  • Durable construction
  • Pitch count tracker and space for 12 players
  • Smaller print size may be challenging for some users
  • Boxes for stats might be too small for some
  • Paper quality could be improved
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04/26/2024 07:35 am GMT

The Covey Baseball Softball Scorebook offers a practical, easy-to-use design with a side-by-side format allowing scorekeepers to track both teams on the same page for up to 50 games. This scorebook is compact and convenient for storage or transport, measuring 15 x 11 inches, but still provides enough space for both teams’ stats. This versatility makes it a great choice for baseball, fastpitch softball, or slowpitch softball coaches and fans.

Aside from its durability, another great feature of the Covey Baseball Softball Scorebook is its functional scoring sheets. They include a pitch count tracker for five pitchers per team and space for 12 players in the batting order.

Buying Guide

When looking for a baseball scorebook, there are several factors to consider to ensure you choose the best one for your needs. In this buying guide, we will discuss the key features to look for and some important aspects to keep in mind.

First and foremost, consider the size and layout of the scorebook. It should be convenient to carry and use, with enough space for clear and legible writing. Traditional scorebooks come in different sizes, such as 8.5″x11″ or 9″x12″. Think about your personal preferences and what will be easiest for you to manage during games.

Next, take a look at the number of games the scorebook can hold. Some scorebooks are designed for a specific number of games, such as 25, 50, or even 100 games. Select one that fits the needs of your season or tournament schedule without having too many unused pages.

Another important aspect is the scorekeeping method. There are two primary scoring systems used in baseball scorebooks: traditional and pitch count. Traditional scoring is more common, focusing on runs, hits, errors, and other basic game statistics. Pitch count scoring includes tracking the number of pitches thrown by a pitcher, which can be important for monitoring players’ health and workload.

Durability is also an essential factor. The scorebook should be made from quality materials, ensuring it can withstand the wear and tear of a baseball season. Sturdy covers, wire bindings, and weather-resistant paper are also valuable features to look for. Lastly, some additional features can make your scorekeeping experience more enjoyable and efficient.

Additional Features:

  • Pre-printed lineup cards
  • A pitch tracker to easily monitor pitch counts
  • Statistical summaries for easy post-game analysis

We hope this buying guide helps you find the perfect baseball scorebook that meets your requirements and enhances your scorekeeping experience. Good luck with your search!

How to Score a Baseball Game

Scoring a baseball game requires detailed attention and knowledge of the rules. We’ll guide you through the process step by step. First, understanding the symbols and abbreviations is crucial as it makes it easy to keep track of the game.

Common Scoring Abbreviations:

  • 1B: Single (one base hit)
  • 2B: Double (two base hit)
  • 3B: Triple (three base hit)
  • HR: Home run
  • BB: Base on balls (walk)
  • HBP: Hit by pitch
  • K: Strikeout
  • E: Error – Reached by an error by (position)
  • F(number) – flied out to (position)
  • F.O. (number) – fouled out to (position)
  • F.C. – fielder’s choice
  • IF – infield fly called
  • StB – stolen base
  • Reversed K – struck out looking
  • C.S. – caught stealing
  • S.B. – sacrifice bunt
  • S.F. – sacrifice fly

Next, let’s discuss the basics of filling out the scorecard. Each square on the scorecard represents a player’s at-bat. Begin by writing the player’s number in the top left corner and their position in the top right corner. Fill in the squares with the appropriate symbol as the game progresses, also marking the bases reached with dots or lines.

For example, if a player hits a single, write “1B” and draw a line from home plate to first base. If a player reaches second base due to a fielding error, you would write “E” followed by the fielder’s position number, and draw the line to second base.

When tallying runs, outline the base path from third to home and fill it in. This makes it easy to count runs at the end of the game. Keep an updated count of the score in the designated area on the scorecard.

Pitching statistics are also essential. Record each pitch thrown in the appropriate section, and keep track of the number of balls, strikes, and outs. Periodically update a pitcher’s line with their statistics, including innings pitched, hits allowed, runs allowed, walks, strikeouts, and earned runs.

Tips to improve your scoring accuracy and efficiency:

  • Review the players’ lineup before the game and become familiar with their positions.
  • Keep an extra pencil and eraser handy to fix mistakes.
  • Cross-check your scorecard with the official scoreboard throughout the game.

Scoring a baseball game is an enjoyable way to stay engaged and enhance your understanding of the sport. With practice and commitment, you’ll become a pro in no time.

Final Thoughts – Baseball Scorebook

We’ve explored the top 7 picks and even learned how to manually score a game. Remember, keeping a scorebook isn’t just about jotting down numbers; it’s about creating your own fun connection to the game. Whether you’re a coach, a casual fan, a parent, or a player, using a scorebook can truly enhance your baseball experience. Here’s to the timeless joy of baseball and the simple pleasure of keeping score!

Chris F.

Chris F.

Chris Forbes is the founder and editor of, a leading blog in the youth baseball space. As a lifelong baseball player, coach and fan, he decided to team up with his young son to offer advice and share their experiences with the sport they both love. Chris lives in the Boston area with his wife and three children.

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