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Best Custom Youth Baseball Gloves In 2023 (Top 7 Brands)

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Searching for the best custom youth baseball gloves? This article highlights the top 7 choices for customization, combining comfort, durability, and style. We’ve focused on high quality materials, fit, and value, catering to young players at any skill level. Discover gloves that are not only reliable but also customizable for that extra ‘drippiness‘ your child will love.

Best Custom Youth Baseball Gloves (Top 7 Brands)

1. Rawlings Custom Glove Builder

Rawlings’ custom glove builder offers a streamlined, personalized experience for baseball enthusiasts. With a production time of 7-9 weeks and free shipping, these gloves are tailored to individual preferences. The builder features options like Hand Sewn Welting for enhanced durability, Contour Fit for a perfect tailored fit, and the new R2G Break-In for a game-ready feel. Additionally, customization options include MLB team logos, a variety of lace colors, and new shell color choices, including a sleek gray for the Liberty Advanced Series.

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Rawlings provides this customization across several of their renowned series. Pro Preferred, Heart of the Hide, and Gamer XLE, each available in various color options and price points. The Pro Preferred series starts at $499.95, offering eight color options. The Heart of the Hide series, priced at $399.95, provides 18 color choices. For a more budget-friendly option, the Gamer XLE series, with six color options, is priced at $229.95. This range ensures that every player can find the right glove that not only fits their hand but also their style and budget.

2. Wilson Custom Gloves

Wilson’s Baseball Glove Customizer offers a unique opportunity to create a bespoke baseball or softball glove. Players can select from the A2K or A2000 glove patterns and customize various aspects, including leather type, SuperSkin material for weather resistance, lace, binding, and stitching choices.

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Personalization extends to adding text and emblems, selecting the throwing hand, and customizing features like palm stamp, glove stiffness, binding type, and fit. This customizer caters to all playing positions, allowing for a truly individualized glove. Wilson’s reputation for quality and durability in their A2K and A2000 lines ensures that each custom made glove is not only unique but also built to perform at the highest level.

3. Absolutely Ridiculous Custom Gloves

Absolutely Ridiculous is currently one of the hottest brands in the baseball world. Their high-end gloves and sliding mitts create a demand that could be a case study in top-tier marketing courses. While they may not offer extensive customization like other brands, their gloves possess an unmatched level of ‘drip’.

Take, for instance, their Flavor #6 glove. This next level design is inspired by cherry-dipped soft-serve ice cream. It features a rich red tone that mimics the cherry dip, applied to a waffle cone shell, resulting in one of the most visually striking Ice Cream Baseball/Softball Gloves in their lineup.

Absolutely Ridiculous Custom Gloves

The craftsmanship of Absolutely Ridiculous gloves is evident in their use of top-tier Japanese Kip Leather, fine point embroidery, and luxury sheep wool wrist straps. Each glove is handmade and imagined by a USA artist, ensuring a unique blend of art and functionality. They cater to both baseball and softball players, with options available in youth and adult sizing.

4. Rico

Rico Gloves offers a diverse range of personalized gloves, featuring a variety of colors, leather types, and web styles to suit different preferences and budgets. Their collection spans high-end, mid-range, and more affordable options, all customizable to your liking.

rico custom gloves

They offer three series of custom gloves. Ultra, Star, and Prime with each one offering unlimited customization options through their online tool. The brand is recognized for its premium leather quality and unique designs, catering to those who seek both performance and individuality in their baseball equipment.

5. 44 Pro

Since its founding in 2011, 44 Pro Gloves has rapidly grown to become a leading brand in the custom baseball glove market. Used by over 100 Major League Baseball players, including Nestor Cortes of the New York Yankees and Freddy Peralta of the Milwaukee Brewers, the brand is known for its 100% customizable, direct-to-consumer fielding gloves.

44 pro custom gloves

Based in California, 44 Pro Gloves offers a range of products. This includes gloves, custom batting gloves, glove care kits, and catcher’s trainers. Their commitment to quality and customization has made them a favorite among professional players, demonstrating their ability to cater to the high standards of Major League Baseball while also serving a broader audience of baseball enthusiasts.

6. Bradley Gloves

Founded in 2016 by Jeff Bradley, a former major league baseball writer, Bradley Baseball Gloves primarily caters to young players aged 4-15. The brand’s mission is to enhance the enjoyment and confidence of kids in the game. To achieve this, they focus on designing gloves that not only fit well but also break in easily, thereby aiding in skill development. Moreover, Bradley offers a variety of sizes, ranging from 9.5″ to 12.5″, and provides numerous custom options. These options, including size, color, web style, and fit, can be tailored to individual preferences through the Bradley Custom Design Studio.

Furthermore, the philosophy behind Bradley Gloves originates from Jeff Bradley’s own experiences. He noticed the challenges that younger players often encounter with standard gloves. Consequently, Bradley Gloves emphasizes the importance of a well-shaped pocket that is soft yet maintains firmness. This design approach is intended to help young players develop trust in their equipment and enhance their playing skills.

The custom gloves, which take 10-12 weeks to deliver, are available in various series like Igniter for ages 4-8 and Next Play for ages 8-14. This is a long time compared to other brands but Bradley has a more affordable price point.

Customers can personalize these gloves with logos, names, jersey numbers, and more. Bradley Gloves also offers different types of leather, each suited to different needs and ages, ensuring that the glove not only fits the player’s hand but also their playing style and level of experience.

7. Marucci Custom Gloves

Marucci has quickly become one of the top custom glove brands in 2023, with their innovative and reliable youth outfield and infield gloves. Players can tailor their gloves to their specific style. They have the ability to choose everything from the stitching to personal elements like names and flags. The Baseball and Softball gloves are crafted from premium materials like Japanese-tanned USA Kip leather and Cabretta sheepskin lining, ensuring both a lightweight feel and durability.

Marucci’s innovative M Type fit system, with integrated thumb and pinky sleeves and enhanced cushioning, guarantees maximum comfort and an optimal feel. These gloves, suitable for a range of players, combine moisture-wicking technology and professional-grade rawhide laces for durability and performance. Marucci’s commitment to quality and customization makes their gloves truly a top choice for players seeking a glove that’s both functional and a reflection of their personal style.

Designing your Rawlings Custom Youth Baseball Glove

Creating a custom baseball glove with Rawlings involves a blend of choosing the right series and design elements to ensure a perfect fit, comfort, and style for young players. Here’s a streamlined guide, including steps for using the Rawlings Custom Glove Builder:

Choose a Series

  • For younger players, lightweight series like Rawlings Gamer XLE or Wilson A800 are recommended. These series also offer smaller wrist openings and narrower finger stalls for enhanced control and comfort.
  • Older players might prefer higher-end gloves such as Rawlings Heart of the Hide or 44 Pro Custom Gloves. These brands are known for their premium leather and optimal pocket construction.

Design Your Glove

  • Utilize online builders from to select features like web style, leather type, stitching color, and team logos.
  • These customizable options are suitable for all levels, from tee-ball to professional leagues, ensuring a durable and long-lasting glove.

Consider Your Needs and Style

  • Take into account factors like age, playing level, position, webbing type, leather type, wrist opening size, and finger lengths.
  • Add personal touches such as your name, number, team logos, color choices, and web style for a distinct appearance.

Using the Rawlings Custom Glove Builder: A Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Sport Selection: Choose between baseball (over 650 pattern/web options) or softball (over 200 fastpitch-specific designs).
  2. Series Preference: Pick from three series:
    • Pro Preferred: Kip leather, Pittards sheepskin lining, wool padding. 8 color options. Purchase price: $499.95.
    • Heart of the Hide: Premium cowhide leather liner, durable leather. 18 color options. Price: $399.95.
    • Gamer XLE: Softer feel, pro-style patterns. 6 color options. Price: $229.95.
  3. Glove Fit: Select the fit that matches your hand size:
    • Standard: Standard hand opening (7”-7.5”).
    • Narrow: Narrow hand opening (6.5”-7”).
    • Contour: Adjustable wrist opening (6”-7”) for smaller hands.
    • Youth Pro Taper: Smaller hand opening (6”-6.5”) with lowered finger stalls.
  4. Position: Choose the glove type based on your playing position – infield, outfield, pitcher, first base, or catcher.
  5. Glove Size: Select the size that best fits your hand.
  6. Pattern Selection: Choose a pattern that suits your play style, like a deep pocket or the NP6 for a flat infield pocket.
  7. Design and Customization: Fully customize your glove with options for webbing type and color, patch design, shell back material and color, lace color, stamp color, personalization, and break-in level.

This process ensures that every aspect of the glove is tailored to the player’s preferences. From the basic structure to the final aesthetic details.

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What Makes a Great Custom Youth Baseball Glove

A great custom youth baseball glove combines fit, durability, and personalization to enhance a young player’s experience on the field.

Fit: The key to a great glove is its fit. It should match the player’s hand size, weight, and position requirements. The right fit improves catching ability and ball control, crucial for both beginners and seasoned players. Custom options from brands like Rawlings, Wilson, Rico, 44 Pro, Absolutely Ridiculous, Bradley, and Marucci offer a range of sizes, webbing styles, and configurations to suit individual needs.

Durability: Many custom gloves use Japanese Kip leather, valued for its strength and shape retention. This ensures the glove not only lasts through seasons of play but also maintains a perfect fit over time.

Personalization: Custom gloves allow for unique personalization, letting players express their style and identity. Options include color choices, web styles, team logos, and player names or numbers. Customization can also extend to the fit, with adjustments for finger stall size and wrist opening, ensuring comfort and a sense of ownership for each player.

Conclusion: Best Baseball Gloves For Customization

In the world of youth baseball, the trend is unmistakably towards gear that’s as unique and eye-catching as it is functional. Brands like Absolutely Ridiculous epitomize this shift, offering gloves that are not just about performance but also about making a bold statement on the field. Their rising popularity highlights the growing demand for “drippy” baseball gear, where equipment is as much a reflection of personal style as it is a part of the game.

For those seeking both top-notch quality and the opportunity for customization, companies like Rawlings and Wilson lead the pack. With innovation at their core, Rawlings’ Pro-Preferred and Wilson’s A2K gloves stand out as prime examples of how players can enjoy the best of both worlds. These gloves don’t just offer exceptional craftsmanship and materials; they also provide the flexibility to fully customize every detail. Players can make sure their glove is perfectly tailored, choosing everything from the type of leather and webbing to the color of the stitching.

The customization possibilities extend beyond just materials and colors. Adding personal touches like your name, MLB team logos, or other unique designs is what truly sets these gloves apart. It’s about crafting a glove of your dreams that’s not just a tool for the game but a one-of-a-kind personal emblem, ensuring that every player can express their individuality on the diamond.

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