CatX Baseball Bat Review: (Worth The Hype?)

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The Catx has been destroying baseballs nationwide, but is it truly the best USSSA bat on the market? If you’re thinking about spending hundreds of dollars on a new bat, the last thing you want to do is purchase the wrong one or one that won’t last very long.

So is the new Marucci bat the top option in USSSA leagues? The CatX in our opinion is the best bat available because of its updated and balanced-barrel profile, two-piece construction, custom handle tapered grip, no dead spots, and stiff composite handle that virtually eliminates all vibrations.

If you want to know more about the Cat X baseball bat and what makes it such a good bat then keep reading.

Is The CatX A Good Bat? Our Unbiased Review

Bats are my weakness when it comes to being a baseball dad. I know it comes down to proper mechanics and athletic ability but I always want to try to give my sons any extra advantage that I can. When we started travel ball, a lot of the kids on the team weren’t aware that they could use USSSA bats. Most of us were still using the USA bats from Little League.

So right off the bat (no pun intended), our team was at a disadvantage. About midway through the season, I purchased my son the orange Louisville Meta drop 8. We followed the instructions for proper break-in and once the bat was hot, he started crushing it.

He had transitioned from a -10 to -8 so the swing weight was a slight adjustment for him. The meta was a balanced bat and a lot of his hits were line drives up the middle or to left field. He wasn’t getting a ton of lift on the ball and I wasn’t sure if it was because of his swing, the bat itself, or the bat weight.

At this point, the season was winding down but I keep hearing about the new CatX bat release date and how this new product was going to take over the youth baseball space. It may have been marketing speak but the way people were describing this bat made it sound like it would easily become one of the GOAT USSSA bats.

first round of bP With the Cat X Baseball Bat

I got myself on a waiting list and managed to get one once it was released. The day we got it, we went down to the park to hit some batting practice. I’m not going to lie. My son hated it at first. Balls he was easily crushing to the outfield with the Meta were now slow infield hits. The way I was describing the bat to him, he thought it was going to have some magic superpower. I could see his frustration so I decided to call it a day.

While he asked me if we could return it, I had to explain to him that these things take some time to break in. We kept at it and tried to get at least 50 hits a day on the bat so that it would be hot for his fall season.

Well, that worked and those balls that were initially grounders were being launched into the outfield. He hit a few out of the park during BP but not in a game yet. New bats like this that are properly broken in give kids more confidence at the plate and I could see it every time he went up to bat.

CatX – The Bam Bam Bat

His coach calls it the bam-bam bat and now half the team is swinging some version of the Cat X. He’s never once complained about stinging hands. The tapered grip is amazing and he said it feels so comfortable in his hands. Aside from just feeling good, the barrel is huge and it absolutely rakes.

While it feels light and is described as balanced, my son is getting great loft on his hits. More so than with the Meta. Even if he doesn’t barrel a ball up, the miss hits still result in line drives because of the giant sweet spot.

He will use the Catx Composite drop 8 for another season or so but we will probably stick with Marucci baseball bats just based on our experience and his positive feedback. Since we’ve had such a great experience with the USSSA version, he’s now asking for the new Cat X USA bat for his birthday to use in Little League.

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MARUCCI CATX Composite USSSA Baseball Bat
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Marucci CAT Lineup

The Marucci Cat bat line has had a ton of success for a long time in the baseball world. Two former pro baseball players founded the company in 2004. Kurt Ainsworth and Joe Lawrence established a reputation for producing high-quality bats that performed well and were very durable. The Cat Bat line, in particular, has been a fan favorite and is known for its performance. With the Cat X, Marucci has once again pushed the boundaries of what a baseball bat can do. They’ve provided players with a top-of-the-line bat that is sure to help them dominate on the diamond.

CAT X Composite Features

As technology advances, so do the bats being manufactured, and the CATX is no exception. Marucci’s CAT Bat series lineup consists of three different options. Alloy, composite, and connect. Each packs new features to assist you at the plate.

Updated barrel

Is the Catx better than the Cat9? Size matters when it comes to bat barrels. Unlike its predecessor, the end-loaded Cat 9, this bat’s balanced swing weight will help hitters swing faster while maintaining a substantial composite barrel. The barrel on this bat is massive so don’t feel like it’s only for contact hitters.

According to Marucci, Over 90% of athletes tested in the Baseball Performance Lab performed better with a more balanced model, leading to optimizations of the balance points.

It’s got a larger diameter, which means it’s closer to the maximum allowable limit for USSSA league play. On average, the CATX has a 2.5mm larger diameter than the Cat 9. Also, with its ring-free construction, the barrel of the bat can also flex more, meaning no “dead” spots.

S-40 Cat X Composite Handle

Is this just a fancy way to describe the new handle? Maybe, but Marucci claims that the new, stiffer handle helps to transfer energy from you to the ball more quickly, which means you’ll get better performance on the field.

What does that actually mean though for those non-physicist parents that might be reading this article? Basically, the kinetic energy from the baseball bat is transferred to the ball through a process called collision. When the bat makes contact with the baseball, the collision between the bat and the ball, causes the baseball to compress slightly. This compression stores the kinetic energy from the bat in the ball. It then rebounds and launches off the bat.

The amount of kinetic energy that is transferred to the balls depends on a few different things. The size of the bat, the angle and speed of the swing, and the material and construction of both the bat and the ball.

Does The Cat X Baseball Bat Sting Your Hands?

The short answer is not really. Obviously, every hitter and pitch is different so there is a chance to occasionally feel it on miss hits. However, the outer-locking system on the Cat X bat means that you probably won’t feel any sting. For the one-piece alloy model, they’ve all but eliminated this issue that’s plagued alloy bats for years. This advancement was so cool and really addressed the one major downside of alloy bats.

The Marucci CATX bat has a new feature called the Liquid-Gel anti-vibration knob. It’s inspired by dampening technology used in really tall buildings. The knob is way better than the previous one (AV2 knob) because it quickly absorbs and reduces vibrations. The knob has a small amount of liquid-gel inside of it. This allows players to swing without getting stung by vibrations.

CatX Bat Durability

When it comes to baseball bats and their huge prices, parents will want to make sure they are buying one that will last. They want to ensure that they are investing in a bat that will last for several seasons. Also, one that will withstand the wear and tear of regular use. We’ve heard so many stories about certain brands that won’t even last a season despite their $350 price tag. However, Marucci is a brand known for bats with both durability and performance. The Cat X is no different. Now would I go swing this composite baseball bat in 35-degree temperatures? Probably not but that’s what alloy bats are for.

Cat X Bat Negatives

The Cat X is a high-end bat that comes with a premium price tag, and for parents on a tight budget, this can be a barrier to purchasing the bat for their child. Additionally, with the constant growth spurts, parents may also be concerned about buying a bat that their child will outgrow quickly.

Another pain point is the fear of buying the wrong size or weight of bat. Choosing the right size and weight of the bat is crucial for a player’s performance. Additionally, with so many different options, parents may be overwhelmed and unsure of which bat to choose. This is especially true if they are not familiar with the technical specs of baseball bats.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Marucci Cat X approved for play?

The Marucci Cat X is approved for play in certain leagues. It’s essential to check the specific league’s regulations to ensure its legality.

Which is superior: CAT9 or Cat X?

Both CAT9 and Cat X have their unique features and benefits. The choice between them depends on the player’s preference and playing style.

Is investing in the Cat X a good decision?

Many players have given the Cat X positive reviews, considering it a high-quality bat. If it fits your playing style and league requirements, it can be a worthy investment.

Are Marucci bats allowed in Little League games?

Marucci produces various bats, some of which are approved for Little League. It’s crucial to check the specific model against Little League’s approved bat list.

Do you need to break in a Marucci Cat Connect bat?

Like most composite bats, the Marucci Cat Connect may require a break-in period to achieve optimal performance.

Is there a Cat X USA bat?

Indeed, Marucci has recently launched a USA version of the Cat X bat. This new edition is approved for play in Little League, ensuring players can enjoy its benefits while adhering to league regulations.

Final Thoughts: CatX Review

If you’re a baseball player, you know that using the right bat can make a huge difference. It’s why YouTube channels like the Bomb Dropper Boys and The Bat Bros have become so popular with young kids. Owning the hottest bat is important, but we all know that a $400 bat won’t fix a $5 swing. However, it can help improve a young player’s confidence, leading to better performance. For those that do have a great swing, a new bat built with the latest technology can really take a player’s game to a new level.

Overall, the Marucci CatX baseball bat is a top-of-the-line piece of equipment that combines advanced technology, innovative design, and high-quality construction to provide players with the best possible performance on the field. We haven’t personally swung the cat x drop 3 or drop 5 but the feedback online has all been positive from what I’ve seen. So whether it’s for USSSA, USA or BBCOR, you can’t really go wrong with any of the Cat X options.

We hope that our unbiased review of this bat helps you determine whether it’s the right one for you or your child.

Chris F.

Chris F.

Chris Forbes is the founder and editor of, a leading blog in the youth baseball space. As a lifelong baseball player, coach and fan, he decided to team up with his young son to offer advice and share their experiences with the sport they both love. Chris lives in the Boston area with his wife and three children.

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