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Hit Run Steal Baseball Net Review: Our Honest Take

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I’m just your typical dad with two youth baseball players who are passionate about the sport. Over time, we’ve tried multiple baseball hitting nets, some with mediocre outcomes and others, well, downright disappointing. That’s why when we discovered the Hit Run Steal Baseball Net, we couldn’t resist giving it a try. Would this one live up to the hype or would it be just another addition to our collection of “so-so” nets? Stick around as we share our genuine experiences and see how the Hit Run Steal Baseball Net compares.

Hit Run Steal Baseball Net Review

When you invest in sports equipment for your kids, the hope is that it’ll stand the test of time (and weather). Especially if, like me, you sometimes forget and leave it out in unpredictable conditions. I’m guilty of leaving our Hit Run Steal Baseball Net out on the driveway throughout those blazing summer days. And, believe it or not, it even spent all of last winter outdoors. Anyone familiar with New England winters knows how brutal they can be.

Yet, here we are, with the net still going strong without any noticeable signs of wear and tear. That, in itself, speaks volumes about its durability.

My first thought when the net arrived? “I hope this doesn’t take forever to set up.” Boy, was I wrong. We had it standing tall in just two minutes and takedown is even quicker.

It was surprising given my past experiences with other nets. And for those who want to take it to baseball practice, the net comes with a small carrying bag. Sure, there were instructions included in the package, but honestly, you probably won’t even need them.

hit run steal instructions
hit run steal net carry bag

Over the past year of usage, the net has performed really well. Our previous nets often left us frustrated. Either the wind would tip them over or the net’s design would cause a well-hit baseball to spring back, rolling all the way down our driveway. But these quirks are virtually non-existent with the Hit Run Steal Net.

It’s stable, and a gusty day proved it won’t collapse easily. For those extra windy days, there’s always an option to weigh down the legs for additional stability.

Garage Baseball Net

This practice net is super versatile. I was looking for a place where my son could practice during bad weather, and this turned out to be the ideal garage baseball hitting net solution. Now, rain or snow doesn’t stop his practice sessions. All I have to do it back out the cars and he has his own mini indoor hitting facility.

However, perfection is elusive, and I have one minor gripe if you could call it that. My son, who’s quite tall for his age, sometimes positions the tee higher. On a few occasions, when he gets under the ball, it pops up over the net. A slightly taller design would be the cherry on top for us. Nonetheless, the net has really helped with his batting practice sessions.

The simple convenience and reliability make it a must-have for any young baseball player who wants to practice at home.

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Hit Run Steal Heavy Duty Baseball Net
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Hit Run Steal Baseball Hitting Net Features

Quality and Durability

The Hit Run Steal baseball hitting net boasts quality and durability. Its strong, heavy-duty metal frame stands up to high winds and intense batting, staying steady and intact during practice. High-quality materials make up the net, enduring fast pitches and strong swings without tearing or fraying.

This reliable design is among the reasons why coaches and players across the industry trust the Hit Run Steal baseball baseball net.

Performance Factors

When it comes to performance, the baseball net offers several factors that contribute to improved accuracy and skill development.

  • Large 7′ x 7′ dimensions: This spacious design provides ample room for players to practice their swing and improve their accuracy without worrying about hitting obstacles or damaging nearby items.
  • Quick setup: The net can be easily set up within 2 minutes from the carry bag, making it a convenient tool for practice sessions at home or on the go.
  • Weighted training ball compatibility: The strong construction of the net allows it to withhold the impact of weighted training balls, enabling players to practice with added force and develop their strength.

Additional Components

Along with its top performance, the Hit Run Steal baseball hitting net offers optional components to boost training.

  • Strike zone: This add-on helps players improve their pitching and hitting accuracy by providing a clearly defined target area on the net.
  • Batting tee: A durable batting tee can be included to assist with practicing various types of swings and adjusting to different pitch heights.
  • Carry bag: The net comes with a smart carrying option, allowing for easy transportation and storage when not in use.

In conclusion, the Hit Run Steal baseball hitting net offers a combination of quality, durability, and performance factors that make it an excellent training tool for baseball and softball players.

Usage and Maintenance

Maintenance Tips

First and foremost, the quality of the Hit Run Steal baseball hitting net is evident through its heavy-duty construction. To ensure its longevity, here are some maintenance tips:

  • When not in use, store the net in the included carry bag to protect it from unnecessary wear and tear. As I mentioned before, I’ve left it out in all kinds of weather, so don’t be too worried if you don’t pack it up after every use.
  • Regularly inspect the net for any signs of damage. Addressing small issues before they become more significant can help prolong the net’s life.
  • Do not leave the net outdoors for extended periods of time, especially in harsh weather conditions. This can cause it to get damaged and lose its effectiveness over time.
  • Keep the net clean by gently wiping it down with a damp cloth as needed. Avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasives as they could damage the material.
  • Make sure to disassemble and fold the net properly before storing it away. This prevents the net from getting tangled or creased, ensuring it remains in optimal condition for future use.
  • If the net is damaged or heavily worn, consider replacing it to maintain optimal performance during practice sessions.

By following these simple maintenance tips, users can hopefully get a few extra years out of the practice hitting net.

Other Hit Run Steal Products

In addition to the standard hitting net, Hit Run Steal offers accessories such as a strike zone, tee, ball caddy, and baseballs or softballs. Players can choose different color options to suit their personal style, such as black or red. The company frequently provides bundle options with discounted prices, allowing customers to save money when purchasing the net and other accessories together.

Not limited to baseball and softball, Hit Run Steal also manufactures equipment for golf and soccer. Despite being most recognized for its expertise in baseball and softball gear, the company’s dedication to quality and performance is evident in its offerings for other sports.

Drills and Practice Techniques

Hitting Drills with a Batting Tee

Using a Hit Run Steal baseball net is a great way to practice batting, catching, and accuracy in a convenient backyard setting. These practice nets offer versatility, suitable for sports like baseball, softball, golf, and soccer.

One of the simplest yet most effective drills to use in conjunction with a practice net is working on your swing with a batting tee. Place the tee in front of the net, and hit baseballs or softballs into the net to work on your mechanics. Adjust the tee’s height and positioning to simulate different pitch locations and to ensure proper contact with the ball.

  • Stand close to the net and try hitting balls as hard as possible into the net. Focus on making solid contact with the ball. You can even set up a phone off to the side to record your swing in slow motion. This helps identify mechanical flaws with your swing.
  • This practice net also works well with soft toss. Have someone stand off to the side and lightly toss baseballs or softballs out in front of the hitter to hit into the net.

Catching Drills

You can also use the Hit Run Steal baseball net to enhance your catching skills. With a partner, have the catcher set up 99 feet away from the net (standard Little League dimensions from home plate to second). Throw a pitch to them and have them jump out of their crouch and fire a throw to the net which is acting as a second baseman. This will help improve your skills in throwing runners out.

Another catching drill is to just set the net up behind a catcher and have someone bounce balls in front of them. This will help the catcher improve their blocking skills without having to collect a bunch of passed balls in the yard.

Additional Hitting Drills

To work on your swing, consider incorporating specific practice net drills. Here are some suggestions:

While a private batting cage is ideal for working on your hitting, the Hit Run Steal practice net provides a convenient and cost-effective alternative for individuals and kids looking to improve their abilities. By incorporating the various drills mentioned above, you can ensure that you make the most of your practice sessions and improve your performance on the field.

Final Thoughts On The Hit Run Steal Batting Net

Alright, wrapping up our review on the Hit Run Steal batting net. As a baseball parent, finding equipment that’s effective for practice, doesn’t break the bank, and is convenient to lug around is quite the challenge. And this net? It ticks all those boxes.

From our personal experience, it’s held up really well, proving its durability time and time again. For those on the fence about purchasing new baseball equipment, we genuinely hope our insights steer you in the right direction. Because at the end of the day, we all just want the best gear to support our developing baseball players.

Chris F.

Chris F.

Chris Forbes is the founder and editor of BaseballMode.com, a leading blog in the youth baseball space. As a lifelong baseball player, coach and fan, he decided to team up with his young son to offer advice and share their experiences with the sport they both love. Chris lives in the Boston area with his wife and three children.

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