Perfect Swings USA Swing Path Trainer: Our Honest Review

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As a dedicated youth baseball parent, I know the importance of finding the right baseball equipment to help our young athletes succeed. But let’s face it, navigating the world of baseball gear can be challenging, especially when you come across pricey options that may not deliver as promised. In my years of reviewing and using baseball training equipment, I’ve seen products that fall short and others that truly make a difference. The Perfect Swings USA Swing Path Trainer falls into the latter category.

In this review, I want to provide an honest perspective on this piece of baseball training equipment. We all have budgets to consider, and spending a significant amount on a training tool can give any youth baseball parent pause. I’m here to give you the facts and help you decide if the Perfect Swings USA Baseball Trainer is worth the investment for your young ballplayer.

Our Review – Perfect Swings USA Swing Path Trainer

As the writer behind a youth baseball blog, I often find myself in the fortunate position of testing out the latest and greatest products in the baseball world. It’s a nice perk of the job, allowing me to combine my passion for the sport with the practical aspect of helping my son improve his game. In this pursuit, I often joke that the blog is my perfect excuse for buying new baseball gear. A justification my wife tolerates only because it’s “all in the name of research.”

My latest exploration led me to the Perfect Swings USA Swing Path Trainer, a decision driven more by necessity than curiosity. My oldest son recently developed a bit of a hitch in his swing. This issue popped up after a series of hitting lessons, which, in retrospect, might have been a bit too advanced for his level. The experience seemed to have overcomplicated his approach to batting, turning a physical challenge into a mental hurdle.

Realizing the need for a different approach, I hesitated to enroll him in more lessons with another hitting coach. I wanted something that would simplify the process. A tool that could help him correct his swing mechanics at his own pace, without the pressure of a formal coaching environment.

When I came across the Perfect Swings USA Swing Path Trainer, it seemed like a potential solution. The product promised to help players achieve a more efficient swing path, which was what my son was struggling with. Its focus on promoting the correct bat angle and keeping the bat in the hitting zone for an extended period appeared to be exactly what he needed.

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Product research

Given the Perfect Swings price, which was substantial though still more affordable than ongoing hitting lessons, I wanted to ensure that this investment was worthwhile.

I started with some in-depth research on the product. To gain a clearer understanding, I reached out to the creators of the Swing Path Trainer. Over a month, we had several lengthy conversations. The owners were incredibly responsive and patient, addressing each of my questions in detail. Their willingness to engage and provide comprehensive information about their product was not only reassuring but also indicative of their confidence in and commitment to their creation.

In addition to these discussions, I turned to Amazon for user reviews. Customer feedback is often a goldmine of information, offering insights into how a product performs in real-world scenarios. The reviews for the Swing Path Trainer were overwhelmingly positive, which added another layer of assurance to my decision-making process.

Finally, after weighing all the information and feedback, I decided to purchase. It was a decision that I am glad to have made as the Swing Path Trainer quickly became a favorite piece of equipment for my son.

Perfect Swings Training Results

Evaluating progress in sports, especially baseball can often be a challenge when it comes to quantifying improvements with hard metrics. This was certainly true in my experience with the Perfect Swings USA Swing Path Trainer. My assessment of my son’s progress was mostly visual and results-oriented. I plan to eventually have him use his Diamond Kinetics sensor and incorporate the Pocket Radar for exit velocity.

Before we began using the baseball training equipment the problems in my son’s swing were evident. There was a certain awkwardness with the first part of his load, which threw off his balance and timing. This often resulted in weak grounders, which was frustrating because he used to hit powerful doubles into the gaps. However, after incorporating the Swing Path Trainer into his practice routine, the transformation was clear and encouraging.

His swing started to look noticeably smoother. The hitch that once hindered his performance began to fade away, and he returned to hitting line drives with power. While I don’t have numerical data to back it up, the improvement in his batting was apparent. The balls were flying farther and faster, suggesting a significant increase in exit velocity.

The practicality of the Swing Path Trainer also added to its value. It’s easy to assemble, lightweight, and portable, allowing us to take it to the field for practice sessions. This convenience was a significant factor in its effectiveness as a training tool.

perfect swings USA

Is the Perfect Swings USA Worth the Cost?

Reflecting on the $350 cost, while the Perfect Swings was a considerable investment, it was unquestionably worth it. In baseball, equipment like bats can be expensive, often touted as solutions for better performance. However, investing in a tool that addresses and corrects a player’s swing is far more beneficial in the long run. It’s better to spend money on improving the foundation of a player’s skillset rather than on expensive bats that might only mask underlying issues.

Product Overview – Perfect Swings USA

This product has been gaining attention in the youth baseball and softball communities. It’s designed to refine batting skills by focusing on a player’s swing path. Here’s a closer look at what this product offers.

Core Functionality

The primary role of the Swing Path Trainer is to guide young players towards achieving an efficient swing. It does this by emphasizing two key aspects. Keeping the bat in the hitting zone for an extended period and ensuring the bat follows the correct angle through the zone. These are fundamental elements that contribute to more consistent, solid contact with the ball.

Muscle Memory

Repetition is crucial in sports, and the Swing Path Trainer hones in on this. Facilitating the repetition of correct swing movements aids in developing muscle memory. This aspect is vital because, in the heat of a game, players rely on their muscle memory to execute under pressure.


One standout feature is its self-coaching capability. It’s not always possible for parents or coaches to be present at every practice or backyard training session. This tool fills that gap, providing guidance and feedback that allows players to practice independently but correctly.

Versatility in Use

Catering to both baseball and softball players is a significant plus. It’s designed to be adaptable for athletes playing either sport. This is a nice touch considering the slight differences in swing mechanics between the two.

Product Build

The Perfect Swings USA Swing Path Trainer, contrary to initial assumptions of being a simple plastic gimmick, is actually crafted from premium materials ensuring durability and functionality.

The tee topper, made from a robust polyurethane, is designed to withstand heavy usage. Its easy lock feature also allows for adjustments, accommodating different hitting angles for both baseball and softball without the need for swapping pieces.

Additionally, the 100% polycarbonate guide bar is adjustable which allows for different levels of difficulty. We have beaten this thing up over the last few months and it’s anything but flimsy.


A one-year warranty accompanies the product, offering some peace of mind regarding its longevity and performance.

Final Thoughts

The Perfect Swings Swing Path Trainer represents a step forward in training tools. It’s developed with a clear understanding of what modern players need to succeed in today’s game. It doesn’t reinvent the wheel but instead builds upon the traditional concept of a batting tee, adding value where it counts.

As a parent, there’s a profound satisfaction in seeing your child not only improve in their sport but also enjoy the process of getting better. The Swing Path Trainer has been instrumental in bringing about this positive change in my son’s approach to batting, making the investment well worth it.

Chris F.

Chris F.

Chris Forbes is the founder and editor of, a leading blog in the youth baseball space. As a lifelong baseball player, coach and fan, he decided to team up with his young son to offer advice and share their experiences with the sport they both love. Chris lives in the Boston area with his wife and three children.

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