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Win Reality Baseball Review: New Baseball VR Training Tool

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Win Reality Baseball

If you’re a young baseball player looking to enhance your reaction time and performance in the batter’s box, Win Reality Baseball virtual reality training is your go-to solution. This technology provides hitters of all skill levels access to 1-on-1 coaching, full batting practice sessions, pitch recognition, release point reaction time training, and much more. And because it’s available anytime, anywhere, you can train whenever you have your VR headset and a few spare minutes.

Win Reality VR isn’t like your traditional training methods. It has already helped pro teams, elite collegiate baseball athletes, and thousands of young aspiring hitters reach their goals.

Read our honest review to learn more about whether or not the Win Reality VR experience is worth the hype.

Introducing Win Reality Baseball

Baseball players can now amplify their development with Win Reality VR baseball training. This training tool uses VR technology to provide a virtual reality environment that simulates real game scenarios. The live environment is an immersive experience that can help ballplayers improve their skills and performance on the field.

WIN Reality enables both baseball and softball players to train using their Meta Oculus Quest headset against game-speed pitches, aiding in timing and confidence at the plate. The idea is that practicing in a controlled and safe environment using technology will translate to real games.

The Win Reality system is perfect for athletes of all ages, providing immediate feedback and allowing practice in different situations. With a variety of practice modes available, players can focus on specific areas, such as pitch type recognition and situational hitting, preparing them for anything the game throws their way.

According to an internal study conducted by Win Reality, hitters who have trained with the VR program see an average increase of 12.5% in on base percentage.

Win Reality

That same study also showed that users saw an 18.5% bump in overall offensive stats.

Youth sports is now a 15 billion dollar industry so it’s no surprise to see high-tech practice aids like the Oculus Baseball Training explode in popularity. The virtual reality simulation keeps improving with every new release. It also includes exceptional graphics and analysis that would excite even the biggest data nerds in every MLB front office.

Win Reality VR Baseball Training Results

Two years ago for Christmas, we ended up purchasing the Win Reality subscription, Oculus Quest II, DK bat attachment for analysis as well as the Oculus controller attachment so my son could use his regular bat in the VR environment. 

Does Win Reality Work?

Everyone always asks us, “Is win reality worth it”? My answer is always, “It depends.” I personally love the product but you have to ask yourself, once the initial excitement wears off, will your kid still use it enough to justify its monthly cost?

We’ve had the subscription now for two years but if I am being honest, my son only uses it during the winter when we are stuck inside. That’s a lot of money to only use it for three months out of the year.

This could be a cool baseball Christmas gift or birthday gift but don’t buy the Oculus if you’re only getting it in order to use Win Reality. It will end up sitting on a shelf collecting dust otherwise.

The reason we originally bought it when my son was younger was because he was only facing fastballs in Little League that rarely hit the strike zone. At that age, kids hate taking walks so what happens is they develop bad habits by swinging at terrible pitches in hopes of getting a hit. 

The competition level has gotten so much better since he’s now playing AAU travel ball, so the Win Reality program really helped his confidence level when it comes to pitch identification, swing timing, and facing pitchers that are faster than what he’s used to seeing. 

does win reality work

Win Reality Bat Attachment

The Diamond Kinetics bat attachment has also been amazing. It was hard for us to set it up initially but their customer support was fantastic. They had us swinging in no time. I found it really helpful to have a benchmark for my son’s swing. This helped us track his improvement over the course of the year. I don’t know if all of his progress can be attributed to Win Reality and the Swing Tracker but I know they both played a factor.

We also took BP at the field, used the CamWood off the batting tee, and did soft toss, etc. I’m sure it’s a combination of all of those but adding in the high-tech component was really cool. Seeing the improvements based on data just shows us that whatever were doing was working. 

We haven’t utilized the 1:1 best-in-class coaching yet. However, I’m sure the customized training programs they send you would benefit my son as well.  

He has some friends on various teams that have also trained with Win Reality. They’ve all had glowing reviews as well. In my opinion, it’s been worth every penny. I’ve even taken batting practice with it when my son is at school. (I may or may not have struck out against a Little League pitcher throwing 50mph). 

Different Modes And Features Of Win Reality VR

Here’s a closer look at how this virtual reality baseball tool can benefit players of all skill levels:

Improve pitch recognition and timing:

One of the most important skills for any hitter is pitch identification. By using Win Reality VR, youth players can learn to identify different pitches from their release point. They can also improve their timing, which will help them make contact with the ball more consistently resulting in a better batting average.

Develop better plate discipline in the batter’s box:

Win Reality VR can also help you develop better plate discipline. Improving the skill to select the right type of pitch to swing at is critical for any hitter as it allows you to better select which pitches to swing at and avoid striking out.

Situational Hitting Mode:

The virtual reality environment provides a variety of different situations, mimicking real game scenarios. Practicing in simulated game-like situations will help hitters be more prepared for anything that happens on the field. This is especially helpful for young players who are still learning the game.

Batting practice with real-life pitchers:

Engage in batting practice against a range of pitchers from youth to MLB teams, available in the virtual ballpark.

With over 600 pitchers available and speeds ranging from 30-100mph, you can find the perfect pitcher for your skill level and velocity. What’s really cool about this feature is that it’s the only VR batting practice tool that uses athlete data from both college and MLB to mimic their actual physical abilities.

Track progress:

You can also track your progress and receive immediate feedback so you can continue to improve your skills. Here is a sample report of weekly usage insights from when we were messing around while first setting it up.

diamond kinetics

Customized development plans:

Win Reality VR has customized plans for each user based on their individual metrics. This allows each player to focus on the specific areas that need improvement. The training process, therefore becomes more effective and efficient.

Win Reality offers both pro and standard membership levels. Each user will get a dedicated player development coordinator who will put together a tailored program based on your needs.

Diamond Kinetics Baseball SwingTracker

Diamond Kinetics Baseball is the leading provider of science-based motion analytics for baseball and softball teams. Their cutting-edge technology brings science-based swing analysis to every user, with easy-to-understand metrics for every cut.

win reality diamond kinetics
Diamond Kinetics Baseball
diamond kinetics
Swing Tracker

In 2020, Diamond Kinetics partnered with Win Reality VR in order to offer even more forward-thinking baseball training solutions. The SwingTracker bat attachment from Diamond Kinetics attaches to the knob of any baseball bat. It then collects data on all your swings and sends it to the WIN Reality app. A hitter can then see their results in real-time.

The app also provides video analysis so hitters can see what they’re doing right and wrong. This evaluation is invaluable for making adjustments and improving your batting skills and it also helps you train with intent. 

Paired with the VR offerings of Win Reality, there isn’t anything that even comes close to this type of experience on the market. Working with both of these training tools in tandem will significantly improve your hitting if used correctly and consistently. 

Diamond Kinetics Without Win Reality Baseball

What’s also cool about the bat attachment is that it can be used outside of the VR world. Secure it to your bat and bring it to practice or the batting cage. It will begin to collect your data and provide analysis to you.  

If you are a player, parent, or coach who wants to incorporate data into their baseball workout programs, there isn’t a better place to start than with Diamond Kinetics. 

I wanted to mention this quick disclaimer: You can use the Win Reality VR without the bat attachment as well as the Oculus controller Win Reality bat attachment.

The device measures max barrel speed, impact momentum, attack angle, trigger to impact time, applied power, max acceleration, max hand speed, speed efficiency, hand cast distance, distance in the zone, and vertical angle.  

diamond kinetics app
diamond kinetics swing data
diamond kinetics swing metrics

Where Do I Start?

If you’re interested in using Win Reality’s VR training tools, there are a few things you need to do first:

Win Reality Baseball

The first, and most important is that you will need a Meta Quest 2 Oculus headset. You also have an option of purchasing the Win Reality bat attachment which enables you to use your real bat in the VR environment. It simply connects your Oculus controller to your bat to give you a more realistic feel. However, the Win Reality bat attachment is not required in order to use the VR.

  • Once you’ve purchased the headset, be sure to create an Oculus account. This is important because you will need to create an account in order to access the Win Reality account Software. If you have a current Facebook account, you can use that if you’d like.
  • Download Win Reality from the Meta Quest app store and log in with the same account details you used to sign up.
  • Next, you must decide between the two win reality memberships that are offered. The only real difference between the pro and standard levels (aside from $10 per month) is the number of player profiles. If you only have one person who will be using the program, the standard level should suffice.
  • Once you select your membership type, you will need to create a WIN Reality account and set up your player profile, and hitting preferences on the next page.
  • Get to work: Once you’ve set up your profile, you’re ready to start having fun. If you purchased the Win Reality bat attachment, now would be the time to secure it to the bat. Place the Oculus Quest headset on and choose from the many different options depending on what you want to work on.

How Much Does Win Reality Cost?

Here is a simple breakdown of all of the associated costs:

how much does win reality cost

Final Thoughts On Win Reality 

If you’re a youth baseball player or the parent of one, you know that competition is fierce and the stakes are high. That’s why it’s more important than ever to equip young athletes with top-notch training tools so they can compete at the highest level. And that’s where Win Reality VR and Diamond Kinetics SwingTracker come in. 

VR is gaining momentum with youth baseball players and other athletes but it doesn’t just need to be about training. The experiences you can have within the meta quest headset can also be a lot of fun. These cutting-edge tools provide players with a variety of visually compelling training modes to help them improve their skills.

In the coming years, there will certainly be advances in the VR sports space and updates to the Win Reality product suite will provide users with an even better experience.

We understand the importance of reliable tools in the world of baseball training. With that in mind, we hope our honest diamond kinetics and win reality reviews have provided you with comprehensive insights and clarity. Our aim is to equip you with the necessary information to make an informed purchase decision. Both products offer unique advantages, and we trust our reviews will guide you to the best choice for your training needs.

Chris F.

Chris F.

Chris Forbes is the founder and editor of, a leading blog in the youth baseball space. As a lifelong baseball player, coach and fan, he decided to team up with his young son to offer advice and share their experiences with the sport they both love. Chris lives in the Boston area with his wife and three children.

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